The Sensual Pleasure of an Erotic Massage

An erotic massage can be one of the best experiences for a couple. It can take your partner to the heights of ecstasy. Follow the tips below for an experience of a lifetime.

o Start off by going for the right setting. You can go for satin sheets, scented candles and some water based lubricants. You can also go for scented massage oils, just avoid these on her genitalia. You don’t want her to break out in rashes afterwards! Make sure your nails are clipped and your hands are well oiled before you start off with the massage.

o Set the mood for some romance by looking into her eyes and going for synchronized breathing. Caress her face and fingers and then lie her face down on the table. Go for a relaxed massage on her upper and lower body. Your strokes should be firm but gentle. Concentrate on her neck, waist and thighs. You could also try the backs of her knees. You should not lean over the table. Go for gliding strokes and make sure that you hands are in constant touch with her body.

o You can get her sexually stimulated by either the clitoris or the g spot. When in doubt, just do both and ask her which she prefers. You can do both together when she is very aroused.

o You can try massaging her clitoris in circles or side by side. If you get a clear message as to which is better, just stick to it. Usually, a woman will enjoy g spot stimulation only when she is extremely aroused. Till that time, use lubricated fingers to excite her clitoris.

o If you are not having sex after this, try cocooning her in something warm. It can be a very peaceful experience!

Erotic massages can expose both you and your partner to sensual pleasures you’ve never dreamed of before this!

Source by Pekkie Aon

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