MCM-PR presents Shakora and Leslie – Black Swan Themed Sweet 16

Leslie Taylor and best friend Shakora Conley couldn’t have asked for a better 16th birthday party at Salon Millesime in NYC. With guests such as Diggy Simmons, Ryan Leslie, Kanye West and Jay-Z (who is a close friend of the family), the ladies were surrounded by celebrity star power and, more importantly, close friends and family.

Following the introduction of the birthday court, young jetsetter Diggy presented the girls who floated in white gowns and their escorts to the room full of guests. Almost as a rite of passage, the ladies of the hour proceeded to dance with their fathers to Beyoncé’s “Daddy” as onlookers smiled proudly.

And then the real fun began.

Producer: Francoise Blanchette (Purple Agency)
Cinematography: Kurt/WiD
Edit: WiD

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