Karachi to London travel vlog Pegasus airline review Urdu Hindi

This is the second time I travelled in Pegasus airlines. In this video, I am going to share my experience of travelling in Pegasus airlines, Karachi to London Economy class.

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31 thoughts on “Karachi to London travel vlog Pegasus airline review Urdu Hindi”

  1. I will fly from krachi to turkey nd then Germany ( Cologne) i am not shuqre about cabin luggage? How much wight can i cary in cabin luggage? 10kg ? ….nd can i carry 1 laptop bag with 1 cabin bag ?

  2. Your room looks like prison . It’s so small . I live in USA . Rooms are big . Someone said I remembered that in UK even bathrooms are tiny . Why they have so small rooms . May be to save space from rats . I heard London famous for rats . Lots of story books on London rats . I sm visiting London next summer InshaAllah

  3. I didn’t knew there are different rate airlines. First class , second class and third class . This was third class airline 😅

  4. I took Turkish airlines. It was great . Food was good . Seats were good . Entertaining was good . Price was same as others . Just book early . Good vlog

  5. You did the right thing . Go on creamie . That way you are protected by company . He could be thinking about taking you outside city and loot you . Very smart .

  6. Amazing video I am also traveling Karachi to London and may be same pegasus airline in end of February 23, what was charges for this small room you rented for one week? did you book it from Karachi or london?

  7. میں آپ کو بہت سلجھا ہوا انسان سمجھ کر آپ کا vlogs دیکھا مگر آخر میں آ کر آپ بھی چول مارنے سے باز نہیں آئے بہت افسوس ہوا آپ مسلم لیگ ن کو فالو کریں مگر یوتھیا کہ کر انسلٹ کرنا بہت غلط ہے مگر دل کو یہ سوچ کر سکون ملا کہ یوتھیا تو انسان ہے مگر کھوتا تو کسی صورت بھی انسان کی catagory میں نہیں آتا 🤗🤗🤗🤗

  8. Boss very nice review.
    Mera air blue ka experience ha unke plane b same hain but wo khana dete ha .
    Abi InshAllah student visa fike kiya huwa ha is week ma reply a jaye ga InshAllah.
    Baqi sab airlines bht zyada expensive hain. Like 3 lac say kam koi b nahy aor mujhe sept ma travel krna ha
    Samj nahy a raha konsi airline lun

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