Humpback calf

Humpback calf

During our recent Whale-watching trip, we saw several female Humpbacks with calves. Spotting a calf makes it easier to locate the adults, as the youngsters tend to remain on the surface, as their Mothers dive beneath them to feed. Although deeper dives can last for twenty minutes, or more, the adults (the Mother & two escorts) were reappearing every three, to five minutes, suggesting that their food source must have been fairly close to the surface here.
This playful calf was a delight to watch, as it rolled & splashed on the surface. It’s rolling on it’s back here, showing off it’s striped underbelly. Although far smaller than it’s Mother, this little guy was still capable of making an impressive splash with those huge, white pectoral fins. We even saw a calf breaching, almost completely clear of the water, but I wasn’t quick enough with my camera, sadly.
Such a great thing to see.
Cape Cod, USA – Aug 2017.

Posted by Blurmeister on 2017-08-28 19:31:38


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