Getting Girls' Phone Numbers WITHOUT Talking

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Communication is 93% non-verbal, so let’s just get rid of that extra 7%. We wanted to see if we could get girls’ phone numbers without talking AT ALL.

Put Your Number In My Phone Mute Style


48 thoughts on “Getting Girls' Phone Numbers WITHOUT Talking”


    ජැනිස් එදින පුස්තකාලයෙන් පිටව ගොස් තිබුණි ඇය සහ රෝරි එදින රාත්‍රියේ නැවත ග්ලාස්ගෝ බලා පිටත්ව ගියහ

  2. This question is for all the females everywhere in the world.

    Would you give ANY male, attractive or not ,your phone number, if he couldn't speak?

    Please answer YES or NO and put the state, city or country your from Along with your answer.."GO!"😀


  3. Girls : "You Can't Talk ?"
    Him : (Shake his head)
    Girls : "Why ?"
    Me : 🤔 How he's supposed to answer her ? 😅

  4. Yeah, also when I had a girlfriend and I wanted to break up with her I didn't speak around her for a week. It was the best week of our relationship. Things actually worked that way.

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