CRYING IN THE MIRROR A Valerie Bernard film

Shot and edited in the style of Cinema Verite.FORMER WORKING TITLE:THE UPTOWN GIRLS-MARCIA BAKER AS DEE JOSEPH GAMBINO AS FRANKIE DON LEFTT AS JESSIE AND TANIA INGERSOL AS KATIE AKA SHANNON Synopsis: A look at a day in the life of 3 call girls. Dee works for the owner Frankie n easy going basically fair guy but still all about the dollar. He runs the service like a clock. Although he is not the loud tipical gangster in fact he is likeable he gives the drivers drugs to offer to the call girls to get them hooked then he pays them at the end of the 12 hour shift by that time they are sometimes willing to purchase drugs instead of getting paid cash.

••Jessie is Dee’s driver Franks UNCLE who get’s his bookings from phone girl in an indisclosed office. Dee is upset because a new girl was put in her car when she usually rides alone. Now if she gets a second hour the booked may mention the new girl in the car which may result in a loss of her additional hour. Dee is not happy. Please enjoy part one of CRYING IN THE MIRROR: THE VIP GIRLS(FORMALLLY THE UPTOWN GIRLS. Please contact Valerie Bernard if you have other interest in the serires at THANK YOU
PS Crying In The Mirror: The VIP Girls
This is a story about rise and fall the adult entertainment call girl industry which peaked between the late 1080’s-2006. The focus of the film is on the lives of 3 call girls showing their childhoods and what lead them to become prostitutes. It will show their before, during and after the life in the industry. It will show their quietly kept lives when they were psychologically, mentally and physically abused which ended them up in the wrong relationships or led them to turn to their lifestyles.
These girls in this area of the adult entertainment industry are the most misunderstood and unaccepted groups in our society. When they are killed or beaten by a client they are discarded as non human trash by most of society. I wrote this story with the hope of changing that outlook. As film go this film is along the same lines of MIDNIGHT COWBOY, HUSTLING, STREET SMART AND CHRISTAN F.
Previous working title The Uptown Girls
Written and Directed by Valerie Bernard

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