Acte 16 Tabitha

Acte 16 Tabitha

Acte 16: Gabrielle Receives a Lift

A long black car rolls into the parking lot at the Fingask Castle event center where the Perth Ball, being held there that evening, is winding down.

Parking off in a far corner the lights are killed, and a door opens with a bowler wearing male figure, clad in black, stepping out.

A flash of fire as the figure strikes a match against his heel. A pipe is lit and for a brief second a craggy face with piercing grey eyes, half-hidden by his rakishly perched bowler hat, can be seen.

Soon puffs of smoke are thoughtfully emitted from a pipe as the figure waits expectedly.

He hasn’t long to wait.

No more than 15 minutes had elapsed when another figure, a decidedly feminine one, carefully emerged from the shadows of a hedge that surrounded the grounds where the dance pavilion was set up.

She was wearing a tight silver sheath gown, with long flowing curls of black hair. Pinpricks of sapphire gemstones flicker down from her ears as she moves with a purpose towards the same corner where the long black car waits.

The hazel-eyed lady stops as she sees the figure, who looks her over as the lit pipe is knocked against a painted wooden post, sending showers of sparks to the ground.

“Allo Gabrielle,” the man says quietly.

The lady as if taking a cue runs up to the figure and they embrace.

“‘Ello Monk, it has been a long evening, and this toasted Lass is quite ready to leave. “

“Aye lass, I be also ready and at your service .”

The man she called Monk says with gentle feeling as he opens the passenger seat and helps his lady in with a happily executed plop.

The starter is pressed and the long black car roars to life. Slowly it exits the parking lot.

Other guests are also leaving.

Ladies in long slinky gowns wearing flashy jewelry, along with their escorts, head to parked cars.

Some see the long black car as it pulls off. One or two remaining guests have noticed the pretty girl in silver leaving in the long black auto.

But they really are paying it no mind, just another couple leaving.

But one ponders what their reaction would be if they could overhear the departing couples rather wicked conversation?

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